5 Tips You Have To Know: Using My Visa Debit Card In Taiwan

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Can I Use My Visa Debit Card In Taiwan? Of course you can!

Nowadays, there are huge of Credit Cards and VISA Debit Cards around the world.

I don’t know all of them, nor is the expert in this field.

But I will share with you my experience in Taiwan, teach you how to use a Visa Debit Card to order what you want in Taiwan.

Whether they are tickets, hotels, travel itineraries, daily necessities, and so on.

I hope to help you!

If you have any questions, please leave a message below, I am glad to help you as much as I can!

What Is Visa Debit Card ?

Appearance Of Card

Appearance Of Taiwan Visa Debit Card
image from TaiwanHot

The above picture is the main information of the Visa Debit card.

Of course, the pattern of each country and each bank will be different, but it can be used for your reference.

How Does It Work?

The Visa Debit Card is not a credit card.

It is a combination of an ATM Card and a Visa Card.

It can be withdrawn at an ATM, and there is also a function of consumption in the Debit Card.

As long as you have an account of the bank and have money in your account, you can use your debit card to pay, which will be deducted directly from your account.

However, if your account has insufficient balance, you will not be able to use it.

The above is a brief description. If you are interested in the details, you can click here to view.

What’s Different From Visa Debit Card and Credit Card In Taiwan?


  • Visa Debit Card:You must first apply an account at the bank. And then open a debit card function when applying for a financial card.
  • Credit Card: As long as you meet the eligibility criteria (age, annual income), you can apply.

Using Method

  • Visa Debit Card:Using during shopping, the amount is directly deducted from your bank account.

However, if your account has insufficient balance, you will not be able to use it.
But some banks will have the limit of the amount available on the day

  • Credit Card:Each card can be used in different amounts, as long as it can be used within the credit limit.


  • Visa Debit Card:The same card can be withdrawn at ATM (for foreign use, you need to open the password and set the password), or you can spend with the card.

Daily use limit (different banks) to avoid excessive consumption.

  • Credit Card:It can earn miles, points, or designated store discounts (depending on each card issuer)


  • Visa Debit Card:Once the card is consumed, the amount available for the account is immediately reduced, and the payment cannot be delayed or installment.
  • Credit Card:It is easy to over-consume, if you can’t pay the bill once, you must pay the installment or high revolving interest rate.


Regardless of whether there are certain risks in domestic or foreign card using, there may be problems such as copying and misappropriation of cards.

If lost or stolen, you must immediately inform the loss of the bank, etc.

  • Visa Debit Card:The amount will be directly deducted from the account when stolen. If the you don’t inform immediately, the money may not be recovered.

After applying card has been lost, the card will be invalid, so even the withdrawal function cannot be used.

  • Credit Card:If the card is copied overseas or on the Internet, it will be less noticeable when it is stolen. Usually it will not be discovered until the bill is received.

Can I Use My Visa Debit Card In Taiwan?

Of coures you can!

As long as there’s Visa logo on the ATM, you can withdraw money from it !

And also you can shop anywhere that accepts Visa – in shops, online, and so on.


  • If you are using Taiwan Visa Debit Card, there is no charge for spending in Taiwan.
  • If you are using a card other country than Taiwan, pay special attention to transaction fees.

Where Can I Use It?

As I said above, as long as there is the Visa logo in physical stores or online stores.

Now, I share with you the stores I have used with Visa Debit Card in Taiwan!

My Consumption With Visa Debit Card In Taiwan

 Physical StoresOnline Stores
  • Tonkatsu
  • Starbucks
  • Gas Station
  • Google Books
  • Chinese Online Course: Hahow

If you are interested, you can click on the URL in the above form. ▲

Some are the information of the store, which is convenient for you to understand.

Some are my introductions and usage methods in English to help you easily order.

How To Use It In Taiwan Online Shopping?

Most of the shopping websites in Taiwan are not available in English.

So when you shop on a Chinese website and see what you want to buy, but don’t know how to pay with Visa Debit Card, you can see the info below as references. ▼

  • 記帳卡/借記卡/Visa金融卡:This is the name most often referred to as Visa Debit Card in Taiwan.
  • 卡號:16-digit Visa Debit Card Number
  • 有效日期:Expiry Date / 月 Month / 年 Year
  • 安全碼:Security Code


  • If you are shopping at a foreign online store, you will usually be asked to enter the cardholder’s name.
  • In this case, please enter the English name printed on the front of the card.
  • If you do not have your personal English name on the card, please enter the English name on your passport.

Online shopping can get more favorable prices than physical stores.

You can also check the products you want to buy in advance.

I have several articles about the use of Taiwanese shopping websites. If you are interested, I hope I can help you! ▼

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How To Apply Taiwanese Visa Debit Card?

If you have a Taiwanese ID card and a health insurance card, you want to apply for a Taiwanese Visa Debit Card.

If you are the foreigners who do not have a Taiwan national ID, but an alien resident certificate instead. That can also be used to open an account!

Now let Jane teach you how to do it.

Which Banks In Taiwan Have VISA Issued Debit Cards?

Before applying, you must first understand which banks in Taiwan have issued Visa Debit Cards.

The banks currently issuing VISA Debit Cards include:

banks currently issuing VISA Debit Cards in Taiwan
image from visa.com
banks currently issuing VISA Debit Cards in Taiwan
image from visa.com
banks currently issuing VISA Debit Cards in Taiwan
image from visa.com
banks currently issuing VISA Debit Cards in Taiwan
image from visa.com

Let you use it as a reference, but still have to be based on the scene.

Find out if you have a financial card bank that you are using now, or a bank that you are interested in.

Conditions And Items Required To Apply For A Visa Debit Card

1 ) 18 Years Of Age Or Older

Under 20 years old need a guardian to accompany the application; above 20 years old can apply alone.

2 ) Chinese Name Seal

The name must be the same as the name on the ID card.

If you don’t have a Chinese name stamp, you can find a nearby stamp shop (印章店) and ask the boss to help you make it.

Here is the common appearance of the seal shop in Taiwan. ▼

The seal can be engraved square or round.

I always have chosen the cheapest wood square stamp. The price is almost NT$100. ▼

seal shop in Taiwan
image from longtai.com

3) Your Taiwanese Identity Card And Health Insurance Card

If you are the foreigners who do not have a Taiwan national ID, but an alien resident certificate instead.

Then you need to take ARC, passport and health card!

4) Your Full English Name

When filling in the information, you need the same English name as your passport.

5) Old Financial Card And Deposit Book

If you originally have an account with the bank, please bring your previous financial card and deposit book to re-apply for Visa Debit Card.

Common Process Of Applying For VISA Debit Card

Then I want to share with you the general process of applying for a card at a Taiwanese bank.

1) Get a Waiting Number Plate

Tell the service staff that apply for a Visa Debit Card and receive a waiting number plate.

2) Tell Your Needs With The Counter Staff

When it’s your turn, explain to the counter staff that you wanna apply for a VISA Debit Card.
/ Or you wanna convert the old financial card to a VISA Debit Card.

3) Fill In The Application Form And Give Specify Items For The Teller

Then the counter staff will give you a application form and provide the required items according to his instructions.

It will be returned to you after use, remember to confirm that everything is taken away before leaving.

  • To shop online, remember to apply for Internet ATM and online transaction transfer.
  • If you are also shopping on foreign online, remember to open foreign transactions.
  • For detailed information, please ask the counter staff.

4) Enter The card password and get the Visa Debit Card

At this time, the counter staff will ask you to enter the card password on site.

Or give you a “letter” with the old password of the card (don’t show it to anyone), please go to change the password yourself in ATM.

I usually apply for Visa Debit Card and get the card directly on the spot in Taiwan.

Sometimes you may encounter a bank that needs to mail a card to your place of residence after 3~5 days.

What Can I Do If My Card Is Stolen Or Lost In Taiwan?

If you find that your card has been stolen or lost, please follow the steps below provided by the Visa Global Emergency Service Center immediately.

Visa is always on hand to help you wherever you are.

Inform To Visa Your Card Lost Or Stolen In Taiwan

Inform To Visa Your Card Lost Or Stolen In Taiwan
image from visa.com

1) Lock Your Card

Visa commissioner will lock your card (if a card number is available) and notify your bank immediately.

2) Get New Card And Emergency Cash

Visa works with your card issuer to expedite the reissue of your new card and deliver the new card within 24 to 72 hours.

And if you need, Visa will arrange to get cash at a location near you.

3) Call At Any Time

The toll-free number is available 24 hours every day. Language support is available in multiple languages!

  • In Taiwan, please call the toll-free hotline 0080-1-444-123 for assistance.
  • Or Click here to view all toll free numbers.
  • *Please Note: There may be a fee for making a toll-free number (including a transfer call) from your mobile phone or hotel. Visa is not responsible for any expenses incurred as a result.


Whether you use a debit card or a credit card, you should be controlled to the extent that you can afford it, so as not to be shocked after receiving the receipt.

In addition, online shopping should also pay attention to many details.

Please refer to the following recommended article ” How To Avoid Online Shopping Scams In Taiwan? “

I hope this article can help you!

3 Reasons Why I Recommend Visa Debit Card

  1. Students and foreigners in Taiwan can apply for it because Visa Debit Card don’t been need to review credit.
  2. Credit card spending can not exceed the account amount, effectively control consumption.
  3. Consumption has been deducted from the account, no monthly bills are required.

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