8/17~8/30 | Taiwan Starbucks Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Hands-On Teaching

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Starbucks activity is coming again! Just following the hands-on teaching, and click on the internet, you can participate in the lucky draw.

During the event, join in the ” See You Tomorrow” and click the word of “給明日所有的相聚” from 2019/8/17 to 8/30, you can not only buy one get one free for 14 consecutive days, but also participate three times with different platform as following the steps below.

Taiwan Starbucks

8/17-8/30 is limited to the See You Tomorrow during the Starbucks Digital Events webpage.

Just answer Starbucks coffee related questions and get a variety of redemption coupons.

Taiwan Starbucks Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Activity Info

Activity Dates: 2019/8/17~2019/8/30

Activity URLhttps://www.taiwaneasyorder.com.tw/tw-starbucks

Activity Method:Go to the event page during the event and click the word of “給明日所有的相聚” to get different offers.

Offer Redemption Period:The lucky draw can be used in “the next day”, it can’t be used immediately on the day.

(Detailed event information, please view the Starbucks website announcement)

How To Participate In The See You Tomorrow?

step 1

How to participate in the lucky draw?

Click here to login, with Facebook / Google / YAHOO three different login methods, you can participate in three times. ▲

How to participate in three times?

Log out and log in again after each draw. ▲

step 2

participate in the taiwan "See You Tomorrow"

Press「立即參加」to participate in the “Starbucks See You Tomorrow” . ▲

step 3

Press「前往參加」to get in the game

Press「前往參加」to get in the game. ▲

step 4

click the word of "給明日所有的相聚" to get different offers

Click the word of “給明日所有的相聚” to get different offers, it’s very easy. ▲

step 5

Congratulations! You got the「XXX」award

Congratulations! You got the「XXX」award. ▲

How To Redeem Taiwan Starbucks Award?

step 1

How To Redeem Taiwan Starbucks Award?

Press「專屬回饋」to find your coupon. ▲

And we have to note that award can’t be use immediately in the day, it can be redeemed in ” the next day “.

step 2

Redeem tw starbucks award

Enter the award which one you want to redeem, and show the page to Starbucks clerk. You have to note the last expiry date.

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