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Do you not understand Chinese and want to shop online in Taiwan, but don’t know what to do?

Most of the online platforms in Taiwan are not available in English, which makes me feel a pity, which will make many foreign friends in Taiwan very inconvenient.

So, this is why I want to complete a series of teaching articles, try to help you with my bad English lol.

Taiwan online shopping

Why Do I Want To Write The Articles?

As I mentioned earlier, many platforms are almost all Chinese, so many foreign friends have many inconveniences in using the Internet in Taiwan.

Whether it’s shopping, travel, transportation, etc., many things are now connected to the Internet. The information is very detailed and offers many promotions.

Taiwan Online Shopping

So I often see a lot of people ask:

  • What are the online shopping platforms in Taiwan?
  • How to buy online?
  • How to pay the bill?
  • How to pick up  packages?

So, I will share my own experiences with you:

  • The online shopping platform I use in Taiwan
  • How to order what you want?
  • How to pay and pick up your package?
  • What should I note when shopping online?

Merits And Demerits Of Online Shopping


  1. Buy directly from the seller
  2. Coupons and promo codes of online shopping
  3. There are many brand and goods you can choose
  4. Avoid extra expenses


  1. It is difficult to fully understand the details of the product in Chinese
  2. It is difficult to have good communication with customer service because the language is different
  3. We need to avoid online shopping scams in Taiwan or other countries

Top 5 Taiwan Online Shopping I Ofen Use

Below I will share with you five of my favorite online shopping in Taiwan, including the use of teaching, I hope it’s useful for you.

I am not responsible for handling the details of any product. If there is any problem with the product, please contact customer service.

If there is a problem with the use, please leave a comment below, I will help you as much as possible.

Books Shop

Taiwan Books Shop

About Books: Books offers millions of books, department stores, audio and video, design, stationery, beauty, etc.

The online bookstore has a complete range of in-house books and magazines, and the shopping malls are diverse in department store design products to meet your shopping needs.


Taiwan PChome

About PChome: PCHome is Taiwanese largest e-commerce group. In 2015, the company’s consolidated revenue amounted to NT$22.88 billion.

PCHome24h shopping is the first to guarantee 24-hour arrival, with over 1.7 million items available 24 hours a day, and Taipei 6 hours to arrive. It is the most popular shopping website in Taiwan.

Yahoo Shopping Online

taiwan yahoo shopping online

About Yahoo Shopping: thousands of goods in the center, 24 hours customer service all year round, 30 minutes quick reply, 15 days appreciation period, shopping guarantee!

Momo Shop

Momo Shop

About momo shopping: provide thousands of items such as beauty care, fashion, fashion boutique, home appliances, daily necessities, travel tickets, etc.

You can enjoy 12h fast arrival and in-store pick up to make your shopping the most convenient.

Taiwan Shopee

Taiwan Shopee

About Shopee: Shopee lets you buy all the products you need and want at the most cost-effective price, including beauty care, fashion accessories, maternal and child’s items, travel tickets, etc.

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Other Teaching Of Online Shopping

Carrefour Online

How to shop in English with Carrefour online?

Carrefour online has an English version! Not only you can get free shipping when you buy over NTD800, but also you can receive a total of NTD300 discount coupons when you register.

Fill In The Information

Taiwanese Address In Chinese

How can i know the Taiwanese address?

Sometimes we want to send an item at the store, or when we shop online, we often need a Taiwanese address of store, branch name, or branch number. If you don’t know what to do, hope it’s useful for you.

Delivery Method

In-Store Pickup

How To In-Store Pickup in Taiwan? It's Easy To Speak In Chinese.

Taiwanese delivery methods are common to in-store pickup and home delivery. When we choose the in-store pickup, if you don’t know how to tell the clerk in Chinese, you can refer to this article.

Payment Method

Visa Debit Card

Using My Visa Debit Card In Taiwan

Shopping online with Visa Debit Card or Credit Card is very convenient. Since I don’t have a credit card, I have compiled five tips for using Visa Debit Card in Taiwan.

ATM Transfer

How to transfer monet by ATM in Taiwan?

ATM transfer is a payment method. Although we need to go to the ATM machine for using, I think it is very convenient as a whole because we don’t have to go to the bank to handle the relevant procedures.

Avoid Scams

How to avoid TW online shopping scams?

Online scams are ubiquitous in any country, but as long as we understand the details, it can help us avoid being cheated. Here, I have sorted out the common ways of online scams in Taiwan.


Although scams have been happening in every country, as long as you understand details, it can help you avoid.

Online shopping let us enjoy convenience, but also let us purchase products at a more favorable price than physical stores, and there are promotions, such as buying one get one free, let us save more money.

In such a great way, I hope that by translating English, you can enjoy such a good offer in Taiwan.

If you have any question about the content of the article, please let me know in the comment below.

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