Information Station: 24 Hours Help Us Enjoy Friendly Trip In Taiwan

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Hello guys, how are you!

Today I wanna share you the good way for traveling. That’s ” Information Station”.

We are used to search the info on internet now.

The Information Station not only can help us get more details from local people, but also can let us enjoy friendly travel in Taiwan!

Let’s know more details now!

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What’s Information Station?

Information Station in Chinese is called “借問站 JIE WUN JHAN “.

“借問” means: Excuse me, may I ask you …

When we go to a new place, I believe there’s fresh for us. So we need to search more details on interent before we go there.

But sometimes there’re many problem, we don’t know how to do. We need someone to help. Don’t worry. There’s Information Station.

About Information Station

The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications has specially set up a “Information Station” in cooperation with the friendly shops and service units of the whole Taiwan to allow visitors to easily travel to Taiwan.

Information Station In Taiwan
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When you’re at the door of the Info Station, you will see the logo above. ▲

In addition to the map information board and friendly travel advisory service, there are WiFi hotspot and QR code guide to provide various travel services.

24-hour free travel advisory hotline: 0800-011765

Commitment Of Info Station

Shop of Information Station
image from 自由時報
  • Provide friendly, passion and high quality service.
  • Provide friendly, passion and high quality service.
  • A visual sticker or signboard for the Info Station is clearly posted outdoors or at the door.
  • The QR Code is posted in the store or the folding provided by the promotion unit is provided free of charge.
  • Service personnel are willing to provide travel advisory services regardless of whether they are spending or not.
  • If you have travel-related questions or questions, you will be patient and help to solve the problem even if you don’t understand it.
  • For local tourist attractions, there is a basic understanding, and can actively recommend travelers.
  • The maintenance environment is clean and tidy, and maintains the integrity of the identification and production.

What Services Are Provided By Info Station?

services of Information Station In Taiwan
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I think the service provided by the Info Station looks really complete.

From playing, food, shopping, stay, there are already many stores working with the Info Station.

In addition, if you need a toilet, 24-hour service, or a English service, this Info Station can easily help your needs.

Where Are The Info Stations?

Basically, there are all Info Stations around Taiwan, and the numbers are increasing.

From shops, cafes, restaurants, to small vendors, you can go in and ask locals if you have any questions and see the signs of the Info Station.

You can click on the button below to find the Info Station you need nearby.

And the great thing is that the website is available in English, making it easier for you to check!

Download Taiwan Info Station App

That’s right! In addition to the web version, the Info Station also provides an app for those who need it.

And the great thing is that it is an app that combines the cities of Taiwan to make the information more local.


I am also a person who loves to travel. I think it is very important to prepare beforehand.

I often check the detailed information through the Internet first, and ask the local staff of hotel to ask for local attractions or food.

Just like Jane found the information about the Info Station in Taiwan, I honestly said that I am very excited, not only very practical, but also a person who can clearly ask.

Maybe a lot of people have known already, but I hope this helps you!

3 Reason Why I Would Recommend Information Station

  1. Provide a very complete travel service, not only 24 hours, but also English service.
  2. We can get more detailed information than on the web.
  3. Not only it can let our trip become more local, but also can meet many friends while traveling.

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36 Replies to “Information Station: 24 Hours Help Us Enjoy Friendly Trip In Taiwan”

  1. 這個旅行方式更親切 更有人情味耶~(很且更快可以到達目的)
    難怪我之前有在神山愛玉店門口看過 那時候還不知道是什麼
    原來是一種新的旅遊方式 一定要多多推廣的啊!!

    1. 對啊我覺得這種方式很棒! 不僅可以知道當地人推薦的食衣住行、24小時、又有英文服務,也是個可以與當地聯繫感情的方式 😀

  2. Information Station對想來台灣旅遊的外國人真的非常友善!

    1. 謝謝你的鼓勵和分享!!! (感動 <3 能幫助到需要的人真的很榮幸

  3. 原来在台湾有借问站这样的东西,而且提供各种衣食住往,购物,旅游等咨询,真的是为旅客(尤其是不谙华文的旅客)提供非常便利的服务。

    1. 有時候身在異地、語言不通時,有借問站真的真的很方便!

  4. Hi Jane!
    Although I am Taiwanese, I didn’t know Information Station!
    Moreover, I am surprised this service related to travel and local culture dishes! This service can really help traveler who are foreigner!

    1. yeah, I have found many Taiwanese still don’t know what is info station.
      But I think it is very friendly for foreigner who isn’t good at Chinese.
      Services are very complete, including 24 hours, English service, and there’re many recommendations of food, stay, shopping, an so on!

  5. 原來台灣還有這麼優秀的平台,真的是很方便耶

  6. 身為台灣人其實也不知道這個東西,覺得慚愧 QQ

    1. 哈哈別這麼說! 我發現很多台灣人也是不知道借問站。
      借問站的曝光度好像不是很夠,不過希望可以向台灣的外國人與台灣人多多推廣這麼棒的服務! 不然真的很可惜><

  7. 借問站真的很方便耶~我第一次看到~我只知道服務中心而已~哈哈哈~這樣外國人來台灣~做什麼事都會方便許多~因為普遍台灣人~英文能力都有待加強哈哈哈~

    1. 哈哈我以前也是只知道服務中心XD

    1. 謝謝你的鼓勵:D

    1. 對阿真的很友善!

  8. hello Jane
    thanks for this informative article, its really nice and helpful for those who wanna travel Taiwan, and surely i would share this page to my friends. thanks again.

  9. 24 hours information station? It doesn’t exist in many countries! That sounds really cool! Tourists may appear to be quite confused by the things going on at the new place. I can imagine that this service would be very useful!

    1. 哈哈真的很多台灣人其實不知道! 希望借問站可以多多推廣,不但可以幫助外國人,也能聯繫外國人與當地的情感 🙂

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