2019 Taiwan Cheap Flight Ticket, Follow Guide Of Using Skyscanner APP

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Recently, my Filipino mother often asked me to help buy a cheap ticket in Taiwan.

After all, the price of the ticket fluctuates greatly.

I have been asked by uncle aunt, where to buy a cheap flight ticket.

Now the answer is revealed. That’s Skyscanner!

This is introductions of convenient Skyscanner App, help you can buy the cheap ticket while watching this article!

What Is Skyscanner?

SkyScanner is currently the most recommended ticket comparison website for Top1.

Consolidated airfare prices for tens of thousands of airlines and travel agencies.

Let you quickly find cheap flights and trips no longer have to spend more time looking for flights tickets!

Guide Of Using Skyscanner APP In Taiwan

With SkyScanner, you can search for almost all flight tickets in the entire market in just one minute.

step 1

Download Skyscanner APP and open it  ▼

Using Skyscanner APP In Taiwan

step 2

Choose the button of flights ▼

Taiwan Cheap Flight Ticket

step 3

Select the destination and date you wanna go ▼

Select the destination and date

step 4

And then you can see the results of flight are shown on the screen  ▼

results of flight are shown on the screen

Usually the cheapest flight will show up first. I think it’s the one of great things in Skyscanner app.

Pay Attention To The Number Of Transferring Flight And Flying Time

Pay Attention To The Number Of Transferring Flight And Flying Time

Because it is also the same destination (such as the Philippines), direct travel takes only 2.5 hours.

But some flights, although cheap, require a transfer, with a total flight time of 6.5 hours, which makes the journey more difficult and needs attention.

Filter Condition

Filter Condition

If you want to avoid trouble and know that you are not willing to fly for a long time,

you can use the “filter conditions” in the upper right corner for searching.

Page Of Filter Conditions

Clicking on the filter page will bring up the image below, select the item you want to search for. ▼

Page Of Filter Conditions

I use the Philippines as an example.

Because the flight time is more than 3.5 hours, I hope that it is direct, so after entering the fliter conditions, just open the “Direct” option.

Then Skyscanner will only show you direct flights.

step 5

Choose the flight you want ▼

Choose the flight you want

Let me take ” from Taipei to Manila ” as an example.

Suppose I like the first search result: Cebu Airlines NT 1,755. I will go in and see the detailed flight information.

After you click in, there is a “View Details” on the right hand side, please be sure to open it. ▼

View Details

The red box are the informations are needed to pay attention I think, such as flying time, direct flight and so on.

I personally think it is less important to use by orange box, such as there is whether entertainment or WiFi.

But if you are a person who is used to take traditional aviation (such as China Airlines or Evergreen),

you may have to pay attention to the fact that this low-cost airline does not provide entertainment equipment!

In addition, if you want an on-board meal, you will have to pay extra (cheap flight).

The Devil Is In The Details

please read the "Ticketing Instructions" in detail.

As the rules of each airline or travel agency are different, please read the “Ticketing Instructions” in detail.

After this part is fully understood and accepted, proceed to the “Continue Booking” action!

step 6

Choose the airline or travel agency you want. ▼

Choose the airline or travel agency

Here is the point! Focus! Focus!

When you choose the flight you want, Skyscanner will display all the “suppliers” (airlines or travel agencies) for this flight for you to choose!

For Example

For Example

Skyscanner listed all the suppliers in the above picture for me.

I click on the supplier I like. For example, among these suppliers, I want to choose AKATRIP.

And then the page transfer to the page of supplier.

It is also the focus!

It doesn’t matter about Skyscanner from here, because Skyscanner will help you to transfer to the supplier (airline or travel agency).

And the next booking process is between you and the supplier.

step 7

Start booking ▼

Start booking

When you choose a supplier, the booking process begins here.

Please check the ticket information in detail, such as flight time, direct or transfer flight, number of people and cabin seat (economy or business class).

After confirming the correctness, start filling in the booking information.

Please have your passport ready and fill in the “all English” information (same as the passport)!

If the name is wrong, there may be an additional fee change! Please be careful

step 9

Fill in the credit card information. ▼

Fill in the credit card information

On the left is the credit card. On the right is a debit card.

If you don’t know how to use Debit Card, you can view the article about using Visa Debit Card in Taiwan.

:5 Tips You Have To Know: Using My Visa Debit Card In Taiwan

step 10

Complete booking / receiving an electronic ticket. ▼

Complete booking / receiving an electronic ticket.
tw skyscanner

After the payment is completed, the e-ticket will usually be received within about half an hour (sometimes two to three days, but this is rare).

Someone has asked me if I have to print an electronic ticket? The answer is no need!

You just need to take your passport to the airport to check in (because your information will go to the airline when your billing is completed).

Share My Tips Of Searching

The above is a way to use Skyscanner app.

Now I am going to share a few tipssteps so that you can find the flight you want faster and more accurately during the search for the ticket!

Note The Small Circle Of different Colors Under The Date

Small Circle Of different Colors Under The Date

Sometimes when you search for a flight, the calendar will show small circles of different colors.

Green for the cheapest price, yellow for the middle price, and red for the higher price.

This means that the same flight will have a different price on different dates, and Skyscanner will do a “general classification” for you through different color circles.

Try To Avoid Transfer Flights

Try To Avoid Transfer Flights

In fact, it is ok to choose such a flight, but you must read all the rules in detail and be willing to accept the risk.

I will avoid such flights myself.

Although the price of this flight is cheap, but there are risks, and I have to check the baggage once again.

Those who are afraid of trouble can skip this flight!

Identify Flight And Airport Code

Identify Flight And Airport Code

In the picture above, the first and third boxes are your airport code.
For example, Taipei Taoyuan: TPE / Manila: MNL.

The second box represents your flight code.

Sometimes when you fill out an immigration card, the Congress asks you to fill in the flight code.

I take Philippines as an example ▼

Philippines immigration

The red box is where the Philippine Immigration Card asks you to fill in the flight code.

Then It can be filled in 5J313.

Set price Reminder To Get Price Reduction Notice

Set price Reminder / Get Price Reduction Notice

Skyscanner’s app also has a very nice feature, which is to set the “Price Reminder”.

Because the fares are all floating, it is possible to see a price this morning and another price at night.

In order to avoid missing value tickets, you can set the flight you want to search in “Price Reminder”.

If you don’t want to transfer, remember to open “Direct flights only” and click “Create”.

So your “Price Reminder” is set, and when the ticket price changes, the phone will announce the message.

Explore The World And Search Value Ticket

Explore The World And Search Value Ticket
tw skyscanner

If you haven’t decided where to travel, try using the “Explore” feature.

After you click in, select the first column “Worldwide” to explore the world’s best flights.

When exploring flights around the world, Skyscanner will display “unlimited time” national routes to provide the best value flight options.

But if you have a specific date, such as the Chinese New Year holiday, you can go back to the previous page to select “Specific Time” according to the month. ▼

Specific Time" according to the month.

FAQ And Precautions

Should I Print An e-Ticket?

No need!

After you have completed the billing, the information will go to the airline!

Just take your passport and check in.

What Should I Do If I Don’t Receive An e-Ticket After Finishing Payment?

Please be sure to take a screenshot of the payment when you book your ticket.

In case of a transaction dispute, you still have at least evidence.

But if your payment and the transaction bank said were successful, it’s still not received the e-ticket,

please send E-mail to the supplier of your booking, or go to the official website of the other party, search for customer service.

If the above methods are not successful, you can go to skyscanner’s Facebook and ask the customer service staff directly with the message.

But please remember that your transaction dispute is between you and the supplier, Skyscanner can only provide solutions as much as possible to you.

What If I Need To Reschedule Or Refund My Ticket?

“Be sure to read before booking a ticket.”

Some tickets have expressly stated that “cannot be changed, not refundable”, but you still want to change the date or refund.

In addition, some airlines have regulations that can change tickets within 48 hours before departure!

Since the rules of each airline are different, please be sure to look carefully before ordering!

What Should I Do If I Am Wrong When I Fill In The Information?

Anyway, remember: Before you order, please prepare your passport at hand, and fill in the information, check it, and then confirm the correct order!

Please be sure to have the same information as the passport, otherwise the airline has the right not to let you board the plane.

If you are really wrong when filling In the information, then please send a message to ask the travel agency or airline!

If the other party really wants to charge you extra, just only accept it.

Subsequent processing is really very troublesome (I have experienced it).

And sometimes it may be because the name is too different, asking you to buy a ticket again!


Before Trading, Be Sure To See Which Currency Is Used For Checkout


On the Skyscanner app, you can select “My Profile” in the lower right corner from the homepage.

You can set the currency you want to display in the (redbox) currency option.

When trading, be sure to see which currency is used for checkout!

Merits And Demerits Of Skyscanner


  • Cheap Price

Because of the large number of orders, fares may be cheaper than airlines!

  • Time Savings

Skyscaneer can find air fares in a short time, so you can find the fastest fare information.

  • Big Data Analysis

It can use the big data analysis of the platform to see the fare fluctuations in one year, and arrange the journey ahead of time, which can save a lot of overhead.


  • Info Is Difficult To Change

If there is a info error during the booking process, the change is super inconvenient. It is necessary to contact the supplier directly to make changes.


Many price comparison apps are everywhere now.

Skyscanner is currently used to make it easier to use and save money.

Find the ticket you want through a quick price and quickly arrange your travel time.

Taiwan Easy Order reminds everyone here that tourism enjoying greater than the choice of air tickets.

We are going to go out for a happy trip, do not change the travel itinerary in order to find ultra-low price tickets, thus losing the purpose of travel.

3 Reasons Why I Would Recommend

  • Cheap Price
  • Time Savings
  • Big Data Analysis

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    2. 我第一次使用Sky是為了自己自助旅行時搜尋到的,因為下載很多相關的還是覺得這個最好用,不但很多比價,介面也很清楚,也可以知道哪時候買較便宜,謝謝版主整理的這麼清楚!(雖然都是英文😂)

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