How To In-Store Pickup in Taiwan? It’s Easy To Speak In Chinese.

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I am not only going to teach you how to pickup your goods in the store, but also teach you how to speak in Chinese by yourself.

Help you buy what you want by online easily, and learn to speak in Chinses in your Taiwan life.

How To In-Store Pickup in Taiwan?

step 1

Learning Chinese To In-Store Pickup in Taiwan

Received message. You will get the message when the package is arrived at the store. ▲

step 2

identity card

Prepare for your identity document in advance. ▲

You have to prepare identity document before you pickup your package. It is to let clerk make sure the goods is yours.

Identity Document

ID card, driver’s license, military ID card, passport, health insurance card, residence permit, identification card, student ID card.

step 3

How to in-store pickup in Taiwan

Go to the store. Then please feel free to the store where you had selected on shopping online and tell the clerk that you wanna pickup your packages. ▲

It’s Easy To Learn Chinese About In-Store Pickup
手機SHOU-JICellphone Number


The above is my experience, I hope it can help you. Whether you are shopping on the internet yourself or as a recipient pickup your packages, the above methods are feasible.

If you are interested in learning about online shopping in Taiwan or sending packages you can refer to it here.

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