[2019] List Of Taiwan Klook Travel Promo Code: It Will Be Updated At Any Time

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Klook Travel Promo Code

KLOOK is a platform of traveling. It can help you buy a variety of tickets at a more favorable price, including attractions, experience itineraries, transportation, etc.

Beside, there are also theme park tickets (Disney, Universal Studios), airport transfers, and day trips, two days trips and so on.

Here Jane will provide you latest coupon codes! Hope it can help you save more money and have more fun.

You simply book on the ” KLOOK ” to directly enter the relevant discount code to offset the amount.

If you are lucky, you can also use the activity to offset the 10%~15% discount of the total amount.

What’s Klook Travel?

KLOOK is from Hong Kong, a booking platform of destination and experience exploration.

A wide range of journey-related services, including transportation tickets, amusement park tickets, special attraction tours, etc.

Whether it’s making an early trip or following the event, you can quickly book on the KLOOK and start exploring. If you wanna know more, please click here to view details.

2019 List Of Klook Promo Code

Applicable CountryOffer ContentValidity PeriodPromo Code
GlobalEnjoy a 5% discount on European train tickets2019/12/30HTEKLOOK
TaiwanTravel to Japan or South Korea to enjoy designated goods over NTD 3,000 and discount NTD 4002019/10/27MAPLEBANG
TaiwanEnjoy a 6% discount2019/12/31ALLONSALE94
TaiwanEnjoy a 5% discount2019/12/31YESTRIP95
TaiwanSpend over NTD 5,888 and discount NTD 7002019/10/31CRAZYTRIP
TaiwanKLOOK brand day – enjoy 8% discountevery ThursdayKLOOK912
TaiwanConsumption of US goods is over NTD 8,666 and discount NTD 10002019/10/30DREAMUSA
TaiwanConsumption of Japanese goods is over NTD 3,888 and discount NTD 4002019/10/30JPSOGOOD
TaiwanConsumption of Southeast Asia is over NTD 2,888 and discount NTD 3002019/10/30SEAOCEAN
TaiwanConsumption of Taiwanese goods is over NTD 2,000 and discount NTD 2002019/10/31TAIWANONLY
TaiwanConsumption of Korean goods is over NTD 2,888 and discount NTD 3002019/10/31FINDOPPA
TaiwanConsumption of HK and Macau goods is over NTD 2888 and discount NTD 3002019/10/31HKMCPLAY
Taiwan12% off all WIFI products2019/10/31WIFIYA88

How To Use Klook Promo Code?

step 1

Click the button to the Klook Travel Web ▼

step 2

Choose the language and currency you want ▼

Klook Travel Promo Code
Choose the language and currency you want

step 3

Please log in klook travel ▼

Please log in klook travel

Click the promo codes of button ▼

Click the promo codes of button

And then fill in the promo code you get ▼

And then fill in the promo code you get

step 4

You can start search treavels you like, and add to cart.

When you wanna checkout, please press the Use Promo Code Of button, and choose the promo you want to use! ▼

please press the Use Promo Code Of button, and choose the promo you want to use

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Reasons Why The KLOOK Discount Code Cannot Be Used

Recently, many readers have encountered unusable situations when using discount codes. The reasons are simple:

  • Some discount codes are limited to “discount code of new user “.
  • The limit of each applicable area is to verify the “mobile number” in order to use normally. The Taiwan discount code needs to be bound to the Taiwan mobile phone number.
  • As long as there is a bound mobile phone number, it can be considered as an “old account” instead of a new member.


I think the most attractive thing about Klook is: Book now, use it right away.

Not only that, you only need to show the e-ticket at the ticket gate to get the ticket immediately!

However, be aware that before you buy a ticket, be sure to confirm the ticket exchange location!

3 Reasons Why I Recommend Klook

  • There are local special events that these are waited for you to experience
  • Up to 60% off discount, enjoy attractions quickly
  • Online booking on the way to travel

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