How To Buy On Shopee Online in Taiwan? Order Easily With 5 Tips

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Hey guys, I finally had finished this post! Today I wanna teach you how to easy order on Shopee TW.

Shopee is the one of Taiwan online shopping, it serve online shopping and sell products for users in the Chinese region around the world.

But for my observation, if you can’t read Chinese and wanna order Shopee in Taiwan, you still have to use Shopee TW that no provide English.

How To Buy On Shopee Online In Taiwan?

Don’t worry. Let me share my experience how I usually order it on the web.

And teach you how to easy order what you want, although you can’t read Chinese.

Shopee TW mainly divided into two types:web and APPS. And I will tell you how to buy on Shopee TW web here. Let’s start now!

step 1

Web search: Shopee TW

How to search on Shopee TW?

step 2


How to register on Shopee TW?


Register Shopee TW with Email.


Register Shopee TW with phone


Register Shopee TW with Facebook.

Congratulations! You have reached the final stage of registration. Next, I want to share you how can you find what you want.

step 3

Search Products

It should be noted that most of the products offered by the seller are mainly in Chinese.

Therefore, if you search for goods in English, the product information you see is not all. Unless the brand name you are looking for is English .

So I thought about a few solutions for you

  1. Search in English, maybe you will find what you need
  2. Try to translate into Chinese with google
  3. Find the type of product you want directly from the product category at the bottom of the page.
Categories of Shopee TW

When shopping online, most people still worry about buying pirated things through online shopping.

Then what should we do? Next, I am going to teach you how to view

  1. Products details
  2. Seller information
  3. Sellers ratings that buyers give
  4. Chat with seller

as a basis for reference. But declared in advance that I just only share my experience. So product details still need to be confirmed by you and the seller!

step 4

Introduce Product Information

Introduce product information

Store Coupons

You can view the information on the coupons here.

Like the reference example below, then you can roughly assess how much you need to buy at least.

After getting the discount coupon, I am going to introduce how to use the discount as follows.

Store coupons on Shopee TW


  • Not every store will offer coupons.
  • The store’s coupon cannot be used with other sellers’ products, just only can be purchased at the same store.

Seller Information

Take GAP as an example, we can see a lot of information.

Seller information on Shopee TW
  • Chat now: If you have any questions, you can ask the seller here.
  • View shop: You can see which products the seller has offered. As I mentioned above, discount coupons only can be used in the same store to meet minimum charge.
  • Seller information:It can be viewed here to be as a basis for purchasing reference.

Shopee Coins

It is the official virtual currency of Shopee. The expiry date of Shopee coin is 3 months.

What can it do?

  • It can be used to discount consumption amount
  • It can be used to redeem discount coupons from other stores

How can I get Shopee coins?

  • You can get 1 coin for every NT$100 you spend
  • Log in Shopee TW every day to earn coins

How can I view my Shopee coins information to get and redeem coins?

My Shopee coins
My Shopee coins
My Shopee coins
get coins
redeem coins

How can it be used to discount consumption amount? Let’s continue to look as follows.

Shipping Metods & Fee

At present, the way of Shipping methods is:

  1. Home delivery service
  2. Convenience store pickup(7-11、Family-Mart、Hi-Life、OK-Mart)

And the fee that needs to be paid varies from seller to product.

Shipping fee on Shopee TW

How to choose the shipping method will be described in detail below.

Variation & Quantity

You can view the product pictures on the left or the following variation to choose what you want.

Variation & Quantity on Shopee TW

And the seller’s comments that buyers give will also appear below.

Seller's comments on Shopee TW

Add To Shopping Cart

After I choose, I will get used to putting the desired products into the shopping cart and then making the purchase.

Add to shopping cart on Shopee TW

I am going to teach you how to buy the goods you want after introducing the product information.

step 5

CartLet’s Start Order

How To Use Discount Coupons

Choose the products you want to buy

Choose the products you want to buy on Shopee TW

Check the discount coupons

  1. Remember, not every store has discount
  2. You have to meet the minimum charge before you can use it.
How to use discount coupons on Shopee TW

Use the discount coupons

How to use discount coupons on Shopee TW

The coupons that can be used will be bright red.

How to use discount coupons on Shopee TW

How To Use Shopee Coins To Discount Consumption Amount

If you have a Shopee coins, you can click on the checkmark next to it. Because I don’t have enough coins, I can’t use it.

How to use Shopee coins to discount consumption amount

Shipping Methods & Payment

Check your products ordered

Choose your Shipping method on Shopee TW

Choose your Shipping method

Choose your Shipping method on Shopee TW
Choose your Shipping method on Shopee TW

Add your address

I take Family-mart for example.

Choose your Shipping method on Shopee TW
Choose your Shipping method on Shopee TW
Choose your Shipping method on Shopee TW
Choose your Shipping method on Shopee TW
Choose your Shipping method on Shopee TW

How Can I Know The Taiwanese Address?

Choose Your Payment Methods

I suggest use

  • Cash on delivery
Choose your payment methods

Choose the mart you want to pickup packages.

If the goods have arrived at the store, they will inform you by phone message or email.

Pay attention to the deadline for picking up the goods.

in-sotre pickup in Taiwan
  • Bank transfer
Choose your payment methods

Write down the bank account account, code, and amount to be transferred.

Then you can use the transfer function to ATM.

Choose your payment methods

How To Transfer Money By ATM In Taiwan? 9 Steps To Make It Easy

According to each seller will provide different payment and delivery methods, but basically there will be at least one of these two payment methods.

After confirming the payment information, press the order directly.

Choose your payment methods

How do I see the current status of my products?

How do I see the current status of my products on Shopee TW?
How do I see the current status of my products on Shopee TW?

Congratulation! You have ordered your products.

  • If you are using cash on delivery, wait until the seller informs you to pick up the goods.
  • If you are using bank transfer, pay attention to the deadline for the latest transfer!

What steps are when I pickup my package in store?

Here is the process of my general purchase, it can let you refer.

How To In-Store Pickup in Taiwan? It’s Easy To Speak In Chinese.

Maybe you will encounter some problems and need help.

You can view the and translate it into English by using google.

If you have any question about the content of the article, please let me know in the comment below.

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  1. 太棒了!我想在台生活的的外國人會非常感謝妳,

    1. I wana ask, do you know anyway to ship to Malaysia? It looks like my Malaysia shopee account is not synch with taiwan shopee. Many thanks Jane

      1. I just found it online. If you want to order Taiwan Shopee, you must download the Taiwan app again. The version is not synchronized.
        As for whether packages can be sent to Malaysia, the first one you need to see if the seller has provided this service (海外運送), and the second one is to send packages to Malaysia by yourself if you are in Taiwan.

        Maybe you can try to order with Malaysian Shopee, maybe there are Taiwanese goods what you want, this way should be easier to use.

  2. thanks a lot for the post. Its quite informative. I’m a foreigner and recently bought a few things from shoppe. I don’t know Chinese, as you said used google translate and it went well. But the seller didn’t send all the items and later they agreed to pay a refund. Now that money is in my shoppe wallet . My problem is I can’t add my bank details. My account is in chunghua post office. I don’t have any other bank account here/no credit card. . My post office pass book shows my Chinese name only. But i can’t type Chinese in my system. Besides i don’t see an option to select chunghua post in dropping list of banks to select. I registered shoppe with my English name. Is it ok if I use my English name to add bank details? waiting for you suggestions..

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