How To Avoid Online Shopping Scams In Taiwan?

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I saw relevant scam news about online shopping on TV today.

Though online have a third-party payment to control the flow of money and avoid your money into the seller’s pocket directly and then you get no goods, the scams always be everywhere.

How much scams of Taiwan online every week?

We can see the picture as below, this was calculated by the 165 police station.

There are many scams from 108/5/27 to 108/6/2. Acutally I am surprised why the scams is still circulating in Taiwan. Even momo, yahoo and booking all had happened before. ▼

How much scams of Taiwan online every week?
  1. — 32 cases
  2. MOMO — 16 cases
  3. Booking — 13 cases
  4. Buy123 — 10 cases
  5. Yahoo — 07 cases
Stay calm. I know it sounds terrible, but I just hope these can let you more understand about online shopping by the info. Though somewhat alarming, just need to follow and use practical advice, you still can shop with confidence and order what you want! 

How to avoid online shopping scams in Taiwan?

Signs of online shopping scams

Here are the common warning signs of online shopping scams:

  • Asking for customer’s financial information
  • No additional details and pictures of the product
  • Refusal to meet up or making a lot of excuses
  • Inconsistent answers on questions about the product
  • No contact details on the website or social media profile
  • Vague or non-existent info on shipping, return, and refund policies
  • Products with incredibly low prices compared to other online shopping sites, especially for high-end brands
  • Asking customers to deposit payment directly to a bank account or mobile wallet account instead of going through the online shopping site’s preferred payment method

If your online transaction has one or more of these signs, please don’t order.

Shop only at trusted and reputable websites

When linking all kinds of store websites, you need to pay more attention to confirm and avoid suspicious websites, which may lead to theft of confidential information.

The website is very similar to the official website, it will ask for account passwords and other information, please identify the following key points:

  • Unable to use the official function
  • Unable to check transaction history
  • Fake web address:web address is misspelled, not the actual official web
  • Its URL should start with “https” (not “http”) and there should be a closed padlock icon ▼
Shop only at trusted and reputable websites

It is a fake web of Shopee. We can see the web address is misspelled,
but it is easy to be cheated because it is very similar to the official website. ▼

fake web of Shopee
the picture from 165 police station

Verify the product and seller

Some scammers may sell fakes on the Internet, especially high-priced products, so it is necessary to confirm the authenticity of the seller and the product to avoid being cheated.

Therefore, we not only have to purchase on a secure platform, but also follow recommendations :

  • Ask the seller a lot of questions if you are confused.
  • Search for the company, product name, and original item (where it’s made, manufacturing date, etc.) on google. Compare the specs against those of the product being sold online.
  • Check the online sellers profile if the person is selling on social media in a personal capacity. It’s a fake account if it’s created just a few days ago and doesn’t seem to have customers.
  • Browse the product ratings and reviews if you’re shopping at online web such as Shopee. You can find them under the product description.

Pay and chat through a third party platform

I think it’s more important note if online shop already have a third platform because this is a common scam in Taiwan.:

  • Do not send money privately
  • Do not add social media like LINE, Facebook, and Instagram to chat with seller privately.

What is third party platform? Why I should pay through it?

Between the buyer and the seller, when you order and send money, the payment will be deducted on the third-party platform.

The seller will not get the payment in the first time. When you have received the goods, press “Payment”, then the seller will receive the money.

Therefore, when you have not received the goods or there is a problem with the goods, you can appeal to the third-party payment platform.

And the money will be processed after the refund, return or communication between the two parties is confirmed.

In any case, you must have a basic guarantee through third-party payment.

In terms of Shopee and PChome, their third-party payment is their own. Each time the buyer confirms that the goods are received, the system will pay the seller. ▼

third party platform of Shopee
third party platform of pchome

Yahoo shop have cooperated with Chinatrust Commercial Bank to receive payments through Yapee third-party payments.

Why I should chat with seller by third party platform?

You should have seen the Shopee that LINE will be attached at the end of the description of the product by seller.

If you have a private chat to ask for a product, seller just tell you to add LINE. These are usually suspicious.

If you have a private chat through LINE and seller cheat with you, you have no evidence to provide for Shopee customer service.

Social media conversation history can be faked so it can’t be accepted. ▼

scammer want you add line to chat privately

We can know that there are 122 scams on facebook from 108/5/27 to 108/6/3. ▼

scams on facebook

And here are Line of scammers, information will be continued to update by 165 police station.

Please watch out! If you wanna see more detail of scams , please click here. ▼

 Line of scammers

Therefore, when you shop, you must not send money and chat with seller privately.

There is a complete mechanism on the platform. The probability of fraud in private remittance is very high.

Never share your personal and bank details

When a seller requests your birthdate, address, credit card number or other sensitive data, refuse and cancel the transaction. 

Online shopping scams usually involve sellers who try to gain customers’ trust and then ask for their personal and bank account details.

Think twice before doing anything ; otherwise, your personal capital may be improperly used.

Use a secure payment method

I prefer to use cash on delivery and bank transfer, because I think:

  • Cash on delivery is among the safest payment option, especially for high-value items, as it assures that you’ll get your order.
  • Process of the bank transfer is controlled by myself and there isn’t history of my bank detail on online shopping site.

Using a credit card is very convenient.

But make sure to disable the option to remember your credit card details on the online shopping site.

It may be inconvenient to input your information each time you pay, but it’s a lot safer than when your phone gets stolen and someone gets hold of your confidential data.

Common Online Shopping Scams in Taiwan

Phone scam

The phone fraud case will last for a long time. No matter how long it takes, someone will be fooled.

After the outflow of shopping information, the scammers can know what you bought and how much it cost.

Pretend seller

Some consumers are deceived by people pretending to be customer service staff and instructing them to use an ATM machine.

They will pretend to XXX platform seller and lie that the order has an error, ask you to use the ATM.

Pretend bank clerk

Sometimes we may have received a call from XXX platform to inform you of the order error.

Scammers usually say:”can you look at the financial card number and provide it to us? I will help you to return your money”.

Here are scammer phone numbers. Updated on 2019/6/5 by 165 police. ▼

scammer phone numbers

So If you heard “your order is error and please to use ATM”, ” Can you provide financial card number to us? “, it is scam!

Summarize how to avoid online shopping scams

  • Shop only at trusted and reputable websites
  • Verify the product and seller
  • Never share your personal and bank details
  • Do not send money and chat with seller privately if there is a third-party payment.
  • If you receive a phone call, please call the platform customer service or bank to confirm.

In fact, no matter which country, it will inevitably be scammed. So we should be more cautious on the Internet.

We are able to avoid scams when we face up to these cases I had shared as above. Please share with friends from abroad, I hope this will help you.

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