2019 Guide Of Renting Cars In Taiwan: Help You Travel Easily

How to rent a car in Taiwan

What kind of transportation do you take on traveling in Taiwan?

Most of my Taiwanese friends like to ride a motorcycle or drive a car when traveling, because it is more flexible to arrange the time, and we can also travel to the countryside area in Taiwan.

How should foreign friends rent a car in Taiwan? Here Jane has helped you sort of the informations, I hope it’s useful to you.

It Is Suitable For:

People who want to drive by yourself in Taiwan and don’t know how to do, you can freely plan your own trip to Taiwan, people who don’t want to be bound by time, and can travel to the countryside area at any time.

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How To Rent A Car In Taiwan?

Conditions Of Car Rental

Conditions Of Car Rental

First of all, you must be over 20 years old.

And it is divided into two situations here: stay within 30 days of Taiwan, or stay in Taiwan for 31 days to less than 1 year.

The following informations are organized from the Directorate General Of Highways.

1) Stay In Taiwan Within 30 Days

If your country is a reciprocal country with Taiwan, and you only make short-term stays within 30 days in Taiwan.

You only need to prepare for

  • Valid International Driving License
  • Domestic Driving License Of Your Country
  • Passport

And then you can do rent cars and drive on the road in Taiwan.

2) Stay In Taiwan For 31 Days To Less Than 1 Year

Please go to the highway supervision authority to apply for a “ international driver’s license”.

The permit of international driver’s license requirements:

  • Valid international driving license.
  • Passport or A.R.C card.
  • One identical bust taken within the past six months one inch glossy printing paper black and white or color photos, no composite photos, full face front view with a plain white background and no wearing hat or headgear except for religious reasons, without dark glasses or glasses with tinted lenses unless it is for medical reasons.
Application Notice
Handling FeesNTD 150
Processing Time1 hour
Application MethodYou need to apply directly at the counter and prepare for relevant documents


  • A foreigners holding a valid international driving license issued by our reciprocating countries can drive in Taiwan for thirty days without applying for a international driving permit.
  • The maximum period of validity for a driving permit of international driving license is one year.
  • The expiry date of the driving permit depends on the expiry date of the original international driving license and A.R.C ,whichever expires first.

Merits And Demerits Of Taiwan Car Rental When Traveling


  • You don’t have to follow the bus or train schedule.
  • Travel anywhere, anytime, it’s flexible to plan your own schedule / trip,
  • Travel to countryside areas of Taiwan freely.


  • You can’t drive without an international driver’s license.
  • If you are not used to the traffic signs and road conditions in Taiwan, it is easy to drive very nervous.
  • If you get lost, you need to ask local people, you may have obstacles because of different languages.

Car Rental Precautions, Protect Yourself, Must Read

1) Book A Car In Advance

Book A Car In Advance

Jane recommends a simple and convenient way to rent a car, which is to rent a car at Skyscanner.

Simply enter your car rental destination, pick-up date and return date at Skyscanner to search for the major car rental companies, compare prices immediately, and then book directly with your chosen car rental company.

It should be noted that the policies of each car rental company are different, and their fees may change, so be sure to read the lease terms.

2) Check The Car Carefully When Renting

Check The Car Carefully When Renting

When you rent a car, you must carefully check the appearance and interior of the car, especially if there is any trace of the car.

It is recommended to drive around in the parking lot after renting the car. One is to check the vehicle again, and the other is to familiarize yourself with the button, throttle and brake functions of the car.

If you find any problems, you should immediately tell the staff, take photos with your camera, record the original condition of the car, ensure that the rental company staff knows the condition of the vehicle, and protects that you will not be charged extra when returning the car.

3) If There Is Any Accident, Call The Rental Company Immediately

If There Is Any Accident, Call The Rental Company Immediately

If you are unfortunately scratching the car, flat tire, or even crashing during your self-driving tour, you should call the rental car company immediately. The staff will tell you all the next steps and processing.

4) Do Not Leave In The Event Of A Traffic Accident

Do Not Leave In The Event Of A Traffic Accident

In order to protect your rights and interests, if the vehicle collides or is stolen, please keep it at the scene, call the car rental company and the police immediately.

Do not reach an amicable settlement with the other party privately. Otherwise, the lessee may be liable for compensation and cannot enjoy the lease contract insurance.

Taiwan Police Numbers: Please Call 110

5) Remember Where And When To Return The Car

Remember Where And When To Return The Car

If the lessee fails to return the vehicle or does not renew the lease over time, the lessee is required to pay an additional fee in accordance with the lease policy.

If you want to avoid this situation, I suggest you return back in advance, not too late.

6) Know About Local Transportation Guidelines

Know About Local Transportation Guidelines in Taiwan

Although the driving method is similar, each country has own local traffic guidelines and street signs.

Knowing the traffic rules in advance will give you more confidence to drive, more handy and safer.

Here, Jane found two videos about traffic in Taiwan and I hope these can help you:

  • 10 Tips For Driving In Taiwan
  • Traffic In Taiwan Is Very Weird

7) We Can’t Use Phones When Driving, We Will Be Fine In Taiwan

We Can't Use Phones When Driving, We Will Be Fine In Taiwan

Many countries have traffic rules that they should not use the phone to send and receive text messages or answer calls during driving, or even use a mobile phone as a GPS.

Even if the car is parked and then the we use the mobile phone at the same time, it is also violation of the law. So for the sake of safety, let’s put the mobile phone aside.

Where Can I Rent A Car In Taiwan?

In Taiwan, if you see the words “租車 (car rental) “, basically you can rent cars or motorcycles.

Here, I have searched three English car rental websites, these can help you check, compare, and book in advance. Let your your trip easier.

1) Skyscanner: Quick Comparing Rental Prices

Taiwan Skyscanner: Quick Comparing Rental Prices

Here, you can search the major car rental companies around the world, compare prices immediately.

2) Iws Car Rental: Rent And Return The Car In Different Cities

Iws Car Rental: Rent And Return The Car In Different Cities

For example, you can rent a car in Taipei and return it in Tainan. At the same time, you can also enjoy free picking up in the city center (confirmed it with the store staff), 30 km free towing and other services.

3) Rentalcars: 5% Off With Mastercard

Taiwan Rentalcars: 5% Off With Mastercard

This is the largest online car rental service, easy to change online orders, and there are more than 3.5 million people sharing reviews.


Why we can try to rent a car for traveling? For me, I think this is a great way, not only can you freely go where you want to go, but the schedule is also more flexible.

This Taiwan rental car guide hopes to help you. Including how to rent a car in Taiwan, what are the notes, and which websites are available for comparing prices beforehand in English.

I have not recommended any car rental company because I have not rent it yet, but the car rental website above has English service, which is more friendly to foreign friends.

If you have any recommended car rental company, please feel free to share it with me.

3 Reasons Why I Would Recommend Renting Car In Taiwan

  • You are free to go to the countryside area.
  • You can arrange your trip flexibly.
  • Car rental website in English can help you compare prices and book a car in advance.

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