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Hi, guys! Today I want to share entertainment I love in Taichung with you! That’s ” Air-Gene “.

There are children’s recreation area; general trampoline ; professional trampoline; basketball trampoline ; dodge ball trampoline ; extreme parkour area; climbing area and so on. Let’s take a closer look!

What’s Air-Gene (空氣基因彈翻健身育樂中心)

△ AIR-GENE is an indoor recreation center with 500 pings. As I mentioned above, there are many theme areas such as children’s recreation area; extreme parkour area ; climbing area and so on.

The bounce equipment is in line with the international ASTM standard certification, and is committed to creating the highest specification and safest bounce bed sports venue in Taiwan.

[Fun In Taichung] Air-Gene Professional trainers
Professional Trainer

On-site facilities planning through regular fire escape security inspection projects, all facilities and equipment are regularly disinfected, cleaned and updated maintenance, each professional trainer has a certified certification of the coach.

Beside, there are occasional theme parties; basketball games; dodgeball competitions, as well as group courses; one-on-one professional courses.

So you can learn from playing and feel happy from the rhythm of the body.

Risk Warning And Acknowledgement

Here are some notes I took from the video, and roughly classify for you ▼

Take Precautions Beforehand

  • Please wear pro-safety grip socks to enter the facility.
  • Please do not carry personal bags / drinks and sharp objects into the the jumping facility.
  • Food is not allowed in the jumping facility.
  • Please do not chew gum.

Do not attempt any skill or activity outside of your personal limitations, abilities or skill level, in case of accident, you will be responsible for your all risks.

For any qusetions, we can ask the qualified coaches in the facility.

While We’re At Sponge Pool

  • Please do not stay in the sponge pool.
  • Please do not jump into the sponge pool while there is someone in it.
  • Backflip into sponge pool is not allowed.
  • While jumping into sponge pool, be sure to open your knees, do not close your knees while jumping.

While We’re Climbing

  • Wall climbing direction, straight in and out, please do not move horizontally.
  • Please do not jump upright into the sponge pool. Try to lie down into sponge pool.
  • Please do not pull the mesh / net.

While We’re At Trampoline

  • Please do not jump on one foot. Both feet should be straight and land at the same time.
  • Please do not climb at wall running area.
  • Jumping directly from wall to trampoline padding area is forbidden.
  • Do not land with your hands.
  • If you lose your blance, try to use sit drop / back drop / belly drop to protect yourself.
  • Vertical trampoline is forbidden to climb.
  • Only one jumper per trampoline square.
  • Be aware of those around you, it’s your responsibility to jump safe.
  • Do not double bounce or affect another jumper’s bounce in any way.
  • If you are tired and need to rest, you must exit the court.
  • Please do not stay in trampoline padding area.

While We’re Playing The Ball

  • Please do not throw ball to another jumper’s head or neck area, no trespassing the middle line, no tackling.
  • Do not hang on to any perimeter netting, walls or baskets.
  • No rough play, wrestling, racing, tackling, pushing, playing tag etc.
  • Jumping directly from trampoline to platform is forbidden.
  • Do not climb or hang on to any perimeter netting, walls or top pads.


(04) 2382-9229

Business hours::10:00~20:00

Address:No.439, Sec. 4, Longfu Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 40880, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Official website: https://air-gene.com/


[Fun In Taichung] Air-Gene Price
  • General:Pro-safety grip socks 100NT / pair
  • Member:2375 NT / 10 hours ; 30,000 NT / 150 hours ; ( All of them include pro-safety grip socks and chronograph wristbands )
  • Group: 20 Holiday coupon / 5% OFF ; Group of 20 people on weekday / 20% OFF
  • Special:Suspended activity
[Fun In Taichung] Air-Gene Price
  • Starlight:19:00~21:00 Mon. ( Except for winter, summer vacations, and national holidays )
  • Reserve The Whole Venue:Every venue is 25,000 NT / hour ; The number is recommended to be around 100 people
  • Party:Everyone is 1,000 NT / 1.5 hour; Include pro-safety grip socks and simple American meals
  • Coaches: Everyone is 3,200 NT / hour


Take bus from Taichung Train Station

Route 75 

Take the Route 75 to the intersection of Liming Rd. and Xiangshang Rd., and then walk for about 15 minutes.

Route 107

Take Route 107 to Liming village (Bo’ai Road) and walk for about 14 minutes.

Route 56

Take the Route 56 to Xinsheng Vil (HA-YU Pier) and walk for about 2 minutes.

Route 81

Take the Route 81 to the intersection of Liming Rd. and Daye Rd., and then walk for about 17 minutes.

Reasons Why I Would Recommend Air-Gene?

  • It is a very suitable activities for parent and child .

  • If you like to challenge the exciting sport, you must experience it.

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