Easy Wallet NFC: Check My Balance Of Taiwan EasyCard Easily With 3 Steps

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Hi guys! Do you remember I had introduced “Taiwan EasyCard” to you last post?

With just one card, you can travel unlimitedly in Taiwan, whether it is transportation, shopping, eating and so on, you can easily go anywhere.

And today I wanna share a great cellphone application with you. You can easily check your balance from your phone, don’t need to go to convenience stores! That’s “Easy Wallet NFC”.

How to check my balance of Taiwan EasyCard?

With EasyCard, we can ride a car, go shopping, buy a house, rent YouBike, etc…

Convenience is unquestionable, but often go out on your own, always floating up the question “How much is left in my EasyCard?”

Usually most people will go to the supermarket.

Today, I want to share with you a more convenient way, use the “Easy Wallet NFC” app, pick up the phone and click on the card, you can instantly find out your EasyCard balance.

Although I checked it, this app does not seem to have an English version, the operation is still very simple. Let Jane take you to actual operation.

step 1

Easy Wallet NFC download

△ There is a download in the end of the post. Although this app also has an iOS version, since Apple does not currently open NFC for use by third parties.

So the iPhone is temporarily unavailable to query the balance of the EasyCard with NFC.

Once you’ve downloaded Google Play, you can install it directly! Easy Wallet NFC is turned on after installation, press I have read and click I agree.

step 2

how to use Easy Wallet NFC

△ There are 4 pages below: Discounts, EasyCards, Love Codes, Others. We select the “Other” page and find “Induction Read Wafer Card Balance” and see “Please take the card close to the back of the phone”.

After seeing the sentence, don’t rush to press “確認 OK”. At this time, you can pick up your EasyCard and get close to the back of the phone to sense it! (Cellphone is needed to use NFC)

Why there is a “Please make sure to use the second generation wafer EasyCard”?

Easy Wallet NFC

△ According to the official statement, the above text will appear:

the EasyCard must be a “wafer EasyCard” (a card with an appearance card number of 9 and 16 yards), other cards (special cards) and a joint card of EasyCard cannot be used for inquiries.

So if you also have the above tips, you can only go to the FamilyMart or the 7-11 to check!

step 3

check your balance with Easy Wallet NFC

△ If you can’t use NFC query by your cellphone, you don’t have to be too upset, because Easy Wallet also provides other EasyCard related functions,

such as: querying the business card transaction record, electronic invoice transaction record and detail, electronic invoice automatic matching award. Service, etc.

After logging in to the member, you can check the transaction record of the EasyCard and the balance of the last transaction.

Although it is not an instant display, you can also roughly calculate how much the balance is left. The above method is available for your reference.


Easy Wallet NFC ( Google Play )

Easy Wallet NFC ( APP Store )

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29 Replies to “Easy Wallet NFC: Check My Balance Of Taiwan EasyCard Easily With 3 Steps”

  1. Your article is really helpful, I will show your blog to my foreign friends
    Maybe next time they come to Taiwan can use it.

    My English is not very good, but I still like to read your articles
    I need to say thanks to you, your blog Improve my reading skill very much.

    1. 恩恩看了官方的說明,目前雖有提供ios版本,但由於iphone似乎尚未出NFC功能,所以無法使用。不過這款APP還有其他功能,像是查詢悠遊卡交易紀錄、電子發票交易紀錄與明細、電子發票自動對獎服務等…因為我目前是android,無法測試,也許你可以試看看!

  2. 整合所以的功能其實看起來相當的不錯,對一般人也相當的實用唷!感謝大大分享

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