Hi, I’m Jane, A Taiwanese M.S Student.

Jane Hsieh

What Is Taiwan Easy Order Website?

It’s is mainly for those who live in Taiwan, I want to let you live more conveniently by sharing my experiences in Taiwan.

I am a M.S student in Taiwan, I care about the rights of foreigners in Taiwan, although my English isn’t great, I will try to share some informations that are useful for you.

Why Do I Want To Do This?

Because my mother is a foreign spouse in Taiwan. I know she had to face a lot of inconveniences from language to communication since I was a child.

And today, in the age of technology, the internet has brought us great convenience.

But many network platform in Taiwan do not provide integrity English services, it will make huge difficult for you to live in Taiwan.

Therefore, I hope that I can solve your inconvenience through this website.

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If there’s anything else I can do for you, please feel free to leave a comment. I’m glad to chat with you.