Hi, I’m Jane. Your Guide Of Taiwan Living 

As A Biracial In Taiwan, I care about the rights of foreigners who live in Taiwan.

I found that most Taiwanese platforms do not provide English services, so I hope to share my experiences in Taiwan and let foreigners live more conveniently.

Though my English isn’t great at all lol, I will try my best.

” Taiwan Easy Order is mainly for those who lives in Taiwan “

Your Taiwan Journey Begins Here…

Taiwan Promotions

Discounts and events about Taiwan are here, such as Taiwan Starbucks buy one get one free, Ubereats discount code.

Taiwan Online Platform

There are no English versions of many online platforms in Taiwan. Here, I will teach you how to easily use the Taiwan platform to solve the inconvenience of your Taiwan living.

Taiwan Travel

Here, Jane will share my experiences, travel, attractions, and must-eat food in Taiwan. And there're also travel related services, information, and so on.

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How To Order Taiwan UberEats? Send You 2019 Special Promotion Code

Read this before ordering! Ultra-detailed Taiwan Uber Eats Guide, let Jane teach you how to order what you wanna eat and give you Special Discount Code to save more money in Taiwan. Introduction and teaching at the end of the article. 

Taiwan UberEats
Taiwan cooking classes

Self-Guided Tour Can Be Played Like This!

If you love to eat Taiwanese food, you can’t miss this kind of different way to travel! You not only can enjoy the local food culture deeply, but also to experience the daily life of local people and communicate with locals as friends!

Send You 2019 Discount For Taiwan Luggage Storage

Do you often find luggage in Taiwan? Don’t worry, Lalalocker can help you! The largest luggage storage service platform in Taiwan, helping you travel more easily when you go out and also sending you discount.

Taiwan Luggage Storage